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RC aircombat of Ukaine
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1:12 PM
World AIR COMBAT Finland
The Aces International rules 2013 will be used and followed for contest and 
for models. 
Some comments about the models: 
-    Minipipes are not allowed. Not mvvs, not black, not silver, not any. 
-    Silencer is mandatory. We will give our silencer definition later on. It is 
available in the Finnish rules and we will translate it to English. 
-    Pilots are responsible that all their models, engines and batteries are 
according to the rules. 
-    Inspection protocol (form) will be given later on and pilots should 
measure their planes and fill-in the protocol before the contest. 
-    War paintings are preferred (not mandatory) in the models. Nobody flew 
with a yellow or orange plane in the WWII war zone. 
-    The original plane should be made and flown during the war time, not 
only planned to be made.  
-    Be prepared to bring more documentation, if you have a very special and 
rare model. 
-    Streamer catchers should be according to the rules. 
-    Swastika symbols are allowed in Finland, if the original plane had them. 
-    Basic plane measures will be taken from this list: 
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